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Welcome to bandom_recs, our all-around fannish reccing site. We cover everything! The concept is similar to that of ds_recs, but for bandom. Our goal is to create a renewed excitement about the fandom, through a series of recs. Rather that simply reccing fic, we want people to rec anything, EVERYTHING, related to bandom.

The way it works is this: we have a new team of writers signed on every month for a one-day-a-week stint as bandom reccers. We will invite other people to take their places one month from now, and hopefully there will be others for the month after that, and so on. Four to five times a month, where you get to rec something that is near and dear to your heart!

Write an entry about your favorite video! An entry about the first fic you read! Talk about what three songs you'd use to pimp people into the fandom! Write about your favorite performances from a concert! Post links to your favorite fics, your favorite vids, your favorite pictures, your favorite icons! Make a set of icons to share specifically with the community! Write a Character Manifesto, where you do an entry specifically about your favorite character! Or about your favorite pairing! Talk about your favorite writers in an author overview!

Regardless of what you do, it’s about sharing your excitement in this fandom and the people in it.

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